frequently asked questions

What is the TOP One Percenter Platform?

The TOP One Percenter Platform is a unique training program that combines SaaS with Services and is designed for entire sales teams or individual sales professionals.. It's all about taking sales skills and mindset to the next level and becoming, you guessed it, a TOP one percenter in your field. It's not just theory – we focus on practical strategies and techniques that have been proven to work as 82% of our individuals have made it to the TOP 1% in sales within 9 months of graduating from the TOP Academy.

Who is the TOP Academy program designed for?

The TOP Academy program is for any sales leader looking to get more productivity out of their existing sales team within a short timeframe. TOP Academy is for anyone who's serious about improving their sales game. Whether you're a seasoned salesperson looking for that extra edge, a startup employee wearing multiple hats, or a professional wanting to add another skill to your portfolio, this program is for you. We have seen people from all walks of life thrive in this program. Our formula works if you come with the right mindset and dedication.

How does the TOP Academy program enhance my sales methodology?

The TOP Academy program does more than just teach you sales techniques, it teaches discipline and rigor needed to become a TOP One Percenter in your field. It helps you develop a sales methodology that works for your style. It's about finding your unique strengths and leveraging them within a proven sales framework. It allows you to get 1% better each and every day.

What practical skills can I expect to learn from the TOP Academy program?

Expect to learn everything you need to succeed in sales from the TOP Academy program. From qualifying opportunities out earlier in the sales process, to increasing conversion rates from stage to stage, to not selling on price in order to increase your value and ASP, to understanding how to get higher within the organization and how to have those c-level conversations, to MEDDICC, to forecasting with absolute precision, to storytelling, to mindset, to confidence, to negotiation, etc. We cover everything needed to be the best of the best. You'll learn how to cultivate relationships, how to present effectively, and how to negotiate like a pro. But more than that, you'll learn how to stay motivated and keep pushing, even when things are tough.

How long does it take to complete the TOP Academy program?

Most companies leverage the TOP SaaS Platform annually although there are shorter workshop options as well. The duration of the TOP Academy program varies depending on your company program.. If you’re an individual attending one of our Cohorts, individual Cohorts are 12 weeks.

Does the TOP One Percenter Platform guarantee success?

I wish I could say that the TOP One Percenter Platform guarantees success, but the truth is, nothing can guarantee success. Success depends on you – on your dedication, your effort, and your persistence. What the TOP One Percenter Platform can do is give you the tools you need to succeed. But ultimately, it's up to you to use them. Our results speak for itself.

How much does it cost to train my sales team?

Any good corporate sales training engagement will range anywhere from $50K to $500K+ depending on the size of the team and the type of problem you are looking to tackle. With the TOP Academy, it depends if you need our SaaS Training Platform, Professional Services engagement, or both.

The TOP Difference

Don’t settle for being a good salesperson when you could be a great one. Sign up for the TOP One Percenter Framework for Success and see the difference it can make to your career.