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Unlock your sales team’s full potential with our proven Sales Coaching-at-Scale SaaS and Services model. We created the first scalable sales coaching system that transforms average sellers into TOP 1% salespeople.


Steal Our Sales Coaching-at-Scale Playbook

We will show you our exact sales coaching-at-scale playbook that combines SaaS with services so you can use it internally with or without us.

Company Programs

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, it’s important to have an edge. For CROs and Sales Enablement leaders, the goal is to maximize the potential of your teams. This is where the TOP Academy enters the picture, offering a unique opportunity to train sales teams using our state-of-the-art SaaS Training Platform and Services. Schedule a call with us today

One-time Engagements

Our training program challenges conventional sales techniques and introduces new strategies that invigorate sales teams, driving them towards achieving unprecedented results. We provide one-time services like Workshops and Speaking Engagements to give your team an idea of what it’s like to work with the TOP One Percenter Academy. Schedule a call for more information on our workshops or one-time engagements

For Individuals

Ready to see the view from the TOP?

Don’t settle for being a good salesperson when you could be a great one. Sign up for the TOP One Percenter Academy and see the difference it can make to your career and life. Join the ranks of the elite in SaaS and tech sales. Your transformation into a TOP 1% sales producer and income earner starts here

For Sales Team

Are you a CRO or VP of Sales looking to boost your team’s performance within this fiscal year?

Our SaaS Training Platform, backed by methodologies like MEDDPPICCR, Challenger Sales and our own TOP One Percenter methodology, is designed to equip your team with the skills to excel in B2B sales in short order.

TOP Academy has been a gamechanger for our sales team. Paul and Tom have empowered our reps to master core sales skills, and truly go above and beyond to provide coaching, feedback, and training on the most important pieces of sales excellence. As a result, our reps’ opportunity management has improved radically. I can’t recommend the program highly enough.

GRACE TYSON, VP, Sales at Reprise

Executive Leadership Team

Our Mentors are senior level executives within their companies

Paul Salamanca

Paul Salamanca was previously SVP of Sales at SecurityScorecard, a cybersecurity company valued at over $1 billion, where he helped scale from $22M ARR to over $100M ARR within 3 years. His last three startups raised over $850M from Sequoia, Google Ventures, Intel Capital and other top investors. Prior to becoming an enterprise sales leader, Salamanca was consistently at the Top 1% in annual sales as an individual contributor for various SaaS and technology companies including one IPO.


Tom Boccard is currently Executive Vice President of Sales at SmartSource and has been in sales leadership for nearly 20 years. He has built and scaled sales teams from $1M to over $70M. Prior to SmartSource, Tom joined GlobalData when they were private and less than $20M ARR and left 11+ years later with GlobalData now public, doing north of $300M ARR valued at over 1.5B on the London Stock Exchange. Tom’s expertise is in GTM strategies that have seen year on year growth of 54% last year, with an increased in average contract values above 38%.

Parkson Shih

Co-Founder, Producer of the TOP One Percenter Show
Parkson Shih is one of the three original TOP One Percenter founders working as a silent partner assisting with finance and operations. Parkson is also the Producer of the TOP One Percenter Show and an international restaurateur owning various restaurant chains around the world as Co-Founder of Daddy’s Dining Group. Prior to becoming a global entrepreneur, Parkson was previously an Executive Recruiter for Heidrick & Struggles and Korn/Ferry International.

Mark Rothschild

VP, Growth & Instructor
Mark Rothschild understands discipline and rigor as a former US Navy Helicopter Pilot. Prior to becoming the VP of Growth at the TOP Academy, Mark Rothschild is a graduate of the second ever TOP Academy Cohort. Since then, he has been working closely with Tom and Paul and is certified as one of TOP Academy’s Lead Instructors while serving on the executive team. Rothschild is also a top performing Enterprise Account Executive at GoDocs with extensive experience in Fintech and HRTech selling to some of the largest Financial Institutions and Fortune 500 companies. He loves sales for its combination of Art and Science and also helps veterans with getting placed into their first tech sales jobs.

Samuel Shih

Software Engineer, Assistant Producer of the TOP One Percenter Show

Samuel Shih is the man behind the scenes who helps edit and release all podcast episodes for the TOP One Percenter Show. Samuel also makes sure the TOP Academy tech runs smoothly as he is experienced with the most modern front-end technologies and on the backend, he has experience in designing scalable RESTful server-side architectures with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, MySQL, Express, MongoDB, Redis, and PostgresSQL. Samuel is a key member of the TOP team. Shih also makes sure the TOP Academy tech runs smoothly as he is experienced with the most modern front-end technologies and on the backend.



I not only became the #1 rep at the startup, I then got a job at AWS where I also became the #1 ISR in my first year out of 150 reps and promoted to AM in less than a year and a half. I was a decent seller before usually ending in the top 25%, never top 1% or even #1. Without TOP I don’t think any of that would have been possible.


TOP Academy offers proven systems and frameworks that you won’t read about scrolling through your Linkedin feed full of “sales gurus”. They helped me win existing deals in flight. Paul and Tom are not only excellent coaches, but they are even better people.

Bill Hogan

Security Scorecard
The TOP Academy’s sales training and tailored approach, coupled with a focus on excellence, has not only elevated individual performances but has also significantly contributed to our overall sales growth. TOP Academy’s influence has undoubtedly shaped a more resilient, strategic, and successful sales force within our organization.
andrew Gargia

Andrew Garcia


TheTop One Percenter’s promise of helping participants become the top 1% in their department or entire company is not an exaggeration: it’s a reality I am living. I wholeheartedly recommend The Top One Percenter to any sales professional aspiring to reach new heights in their career. The investment in this program is an investment in your success, and the returns are tangible, immediate, and lasting. Thank you to the entire team at Top 1% for the dedication to excellence and for providing a transformative learning experience.



TOP Academy has been a gamechanger for our sales team. Paul and Tom have empowered our reps to master core sales skills, and truly go above and beyond to provide coaching, feedback, and training on the most important pieces of sales excellence.

TOP 1% Results for Individuals

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