TOP of Funnel

4 weeks to a full pipeline



In the top-of-funnel course, we provide the following: 


  • Messaging Framework – Problem / Pain – Proof – Persuade – it’s all about the pause, and it’s dependent on the persona – multi-channel

  • Territory Management/ICP – Deep Dive into LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Content and Video Prospecting – Navigate simple methods that build trust with your prospects and your overall ICP by becoming a trusted expert.

  • Objection Handling at the top of the funnel – frame / re-frame – how to accelerate the conversation and drive towards a meeting.

  • Understanding the balance of personalization and relevance – uncoding personality AI to leverage in prospecting. 

  • Time Management / Mindset – this is a game of consistency and improvement – we teach you how to keep it up and to the right


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